design is our passion,

taking your business to the world is our commitment

our mission is to make this large audience accessible to young organisations at no cost

we truly believe in the power of the internet and the opportunities for growth it can provide to start-up's


our philosophy

givebacktheinternet is an initiative to empower new businesses to reach a global audience


the process

we largely rely on the concept of giving back to keep this initiative alive.

you get to decide how much & when to pay... only if you want to. maybe after your website is live or when your business kicks off. and trust us, it will!

we are here to support your business and you in turn can givebacktheinternet to help us continue our endeavour to support other start-up's grow & flourish to their full potential without having to worry about their web presence & the costs involved


the team

"the internet is a basic necessity for any new business, it has the potential to take your services to customers in each every corner of the world.

my endeavour is to give young minds who are embarking on their entrepreneurial journey access to this wide audience while not having to worry about the cost implications of a professional presence online

having benefited from a similar kindness, it's time for me to givebacktheinternet and i hope you will join me."

- Hoshang Jehangirji

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